HPAS Vice President

    Joseph Dale Manos II , Joey, was born in Carthage, Mississippi in 1964, the year Joe Webb won the TWH Celebration on Carbon Copy. Born the son of a travelling evangelist, he and his siblings  lived most of their early years on farms in Mississippi and Louisiana. It was his relationship with his grandfather, horse owner and exhibitor, Rev. M.O. Martin, that gave the bloom to this up and rising equestrian. He is a passionate owner, exhibitor and trainer of numerous horse breeds. He has trained world champion Tennessee Walking Horses and shown several top ten contenders. Due to his passion for the show ring, he has also trained and shown Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, Paso Finos, Spotted Saddle Horses, Racking Horses, and western pleasure Quarter Horses. Joey was solicited during his years in California for special exhibition events where these specific breeds had never been seen or shown. From a marketing position, Joey was fortunate enough to have dual vision. From inside the breed to the outside world he sharpened his skills in promoting his performance and pleasure TWH to an inquiring public. From within the TWH world, Joey brings to the table countless years working with private and public auction sales, one being the largest public sales facility for TWH in the U.S. Joey is a certified master farrier with the Brotherhood of Working Farriers, and serves many breeds. Mr Manos has associate degrees in Business Management and Paralegal Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from the University of New Orleans. Joey is a decorated retired veteran of the United States Army, where he served his last several years recruiting Doctors for the Army’s medical corps, and in his final year, led the number one recruiting facility in the nation.

Like his father and grandfather, he too was called to the ministry of evangelicals and has spent many years travelling the world holding crusades in poverty stricken areas of the world. On one such trip to the Philippines, he met his wife Rissa.  In 2018 they planned, built, and now support, a mission house “Joey’s House”, which has become a refuge for some thirty people to remain safe during the recent deadly floods.

Joey’s role at HPAS is a personal one to he and his family. He is deeply involved with the TWH performance and pleasure divisions, having four  show horses currently in training, and a producing broodmare band. For the past several years, he has worked tirelessly to promote a positive image of the Tennessee Walking horse, and other show horse breeds from coast to coast. He and enjoys his role in HPAS and has made recent trips to Washington D.C. to establish a new fresh relationship with members of Congress and their staffs.

Joey and his wife Rissa live in Shelbyville Tennessee.